Monday, August 27, 2012

Dearest family and friends,

As always, time is short. With today being the first day of school for my siblings, I spent most of my time writing to them and don´t regret it in the least. 

Today I would like to tell you about where I am presently. I am in the Zapopan area, just outside of the city limits of Guadalajara... I think. I live by the Highway Saltillo.

I am doing great and beginning to adjust well. I was pretty sick this week as my body adjusted, but am doing great now. Here is a quick description of the highway, a short description that I hope will illustrate better this area. 

On this highway it is most common to see cars. Mostly old, beaten up trucks or small cars carrying people, supplies, and all kinds of things. It is not uncommon to see a nicer car occasionally, a BMW or otherwise. But also, many bicycles ride up and down the highway. People are constantly waiting along the edges, darting to the center, hopping the barricade and then darting once more. We also see people on  horseback pretty frequently. 

This is kind of the way things seem to be here. I really love it. A mix of the old and new. Just making things work. There are people here with houses and jobs. Doing well and living life. There are others that struggle to make their way along, and others still that just aren´t making it at all. Some own BMW´s and others have never ridden in a car in their life. 

My calling as a missionary is to bring the message of Jesus Christ and his teachings of faith, repentence, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and the importance of keeping to commandments of God to all people. And so we go out and work and talk with everyone. I am learning so much about myself along the way. What is a person and what gives him or her value? Knowing that each person is a child of God, valued because they are, not because they have, or they have done, or they can. 

I guess it really is all about love. I am learning so much. Let me know how I can help you.

I think the best way to write me is going to be through It will for sure get to me, is free, fast, and secure. Maybe someone that has used it can comment and explain more about how it works, I honestly don´t know. 

I love you all and hope you know of the love of your God.

Elder Brighton is easy. Just go to the site, set up an account, be sure to select Mexico Guadalajara from the mission list. Once your account is set up, you just write your letter and submit it. It will be printed and delivered to the pouch mail. It appears that the letters are printed Sunday at midnight and I believe the pouch mail goes out on Mon or Tues but I don't know.

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