Monday, November 12, 2012

Dearest Family and Friends,

Last Tuesday I went down into the city to receive my new companion. Elder U. is from Costa Rica. He is an older missionary, 26, and is an accountant. He worked before the mission for a company where he traveled frequently to Panama and Mexico on business. We get along very well and are working harder than ever. His maturity is really helping me to be completely committed to this work. In just this last week we have been able to do so much and meet, help, and teach a large number of people. 

I really feel like this opportunity to work with Elder U., although he has only one week in the field, is an incredible opportunity. We have already developed an open communication where we can express our thoughts, feelings, and opinions. This really allows us to change, improve, and learn from each other. We have a great work to do in this time. 

I think it is pretty interesting. Easily, 85-90% of missionaries are 18-21 years old. But so far, both of my companions here in Mexico have been significantly older. Elder U. learned about the church just 3 years ago, was baptized, and this short time later is serving a mission- leaving behind family, girlfriend of many years, home, and his career. All will be there for him when he returns home, but his desire and willingness to leave it all behind for a time reminds me the importance of this work.

I am doing quite well. I am in a unique position right now, doing my very best to help and teach someone much older and perhaps with much more experience than I. But I know in this calling as trainer and district leader I will be supported and inspired. Your continued prayers on my behalf are felt and appreciated. 

Much love, (little time)

Elder Brighton

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