Monday, February 25, 2013

Dearest Family and Friends,
I wanted to share another incredible experience we had here in the last week.
There is a wonderful family we have been working with since I arrived here in Mexico. It consists of a mother and her three sons. Although she has a firm desire to attend church and strengthen her personal relationship with God, she has been unable to go for over three years because of work. For all of this time she has regularly asked for a change of schedule without any success. A little over a week ago my companion and I stopped by to visit her. She had undergone jaw surgery and had been out of work now for nearly a month. As we visited with her she expressed her desire to be more with her family and be able to take her sons to church. We felt inspired to begin a fast with her that afternoon with the purpose that she would be able to receive a change of schedule.
Fasting is the voluntary abstinance of food and drink usually for a period of 24 hours. It is accompanied with prayer and the purpose is to understand the will of God and bring us closer to Him. It is the expression of the sincere desire to receive His blessings. One does not fast to receive or call attention, but rather to humble oneself and it is something very personal and private. Great blessings can be received from sincere and humble fasting and prayer.
We began the fast Wednesday in the afternoon and ended it Thursday afternoon. The good sister entered into work Friday early in the morning. As she later related to us, entering Friday her supervisor called her in. He told her the position she had been working was no longer available, but that they still had a spot for her. They asked what would work best for her. She told them that the beginning of the week would be much better, and without a second thought or question, they gave it to her. She said she had been preparing herself with a long and heartfelt explanation for all of the reasons why she needed the change, but that when they gave it to her so easily and quickly, she almost could not believe it.
When we finally did find her again home and were able to find out the news, she called us in with a great smile and after having us sit down said, ¨Elders, the fast worked!¨
How grateful we are to not be alone in this work. Problems that we have no control and no power over have again been resolved by the love, mercy, and power of our Heavenly Father. He knows us. He knows me. He knows the good sister who so desperately needed and saught his help. Occasionally, He only waits until we develop the necessary faith to ask Him. To trust in Him. What a miracle!
As a quick update on the man who regained his strength and health, he is doing great. He lives just around the corner from the sister mentioned above, an area called the Mesa. Last week he went alone and was able to take out Popular Insurance. All alone. What progress, physically, mentally, emotionally. In so many aspects. He is preparing and will enter into the covenant of baptism this coming weekend. He has a great desire to change his life, to put his trust in God. It is easy to see the difference He has already made in his life.
I am doing quite well. It is so much easier to talk about others. As soon as I arrived at this part, I blanked and have sat here now several minutes with nothing to say. Sometimes I feel that I forget myself, who I am or was. And then, all of a sudden I will remember. It is so strange how truly in losing yourself in helping others, you truly do find yourself, who you really are. So far, thus it has been with me.
I love you all and hope you are well. I am very grateful for the time I have here to work. I fear it is passing all to fast. Continue to pray for my safety, please. I will continue to pray for all of you.
Elder Brighton

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