Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello All!

This week was a great one. Friday we were able to accompany a good young couple to their wedding ceremony. It was simple, but beautiful. In the evening we organized a reception for them. Their family was able to come and it was a nice evening passed together with many of the members from the ward. We were even able to have a magician/clown family that lives closeby come to entertain the children and adults. 

And though for now their marriage, as traditionally declared by those with authority from the law, is until death do they part, we look forward to seeing this young family take the steps to be able to stand before those with power and authority from God to pronounce them a family for time and for all eternity. What a blessing to be a part of this process. 

I hope the photos make it through, if so, the brick looking thing is actually a sort of permanent grill that we made. The grandmother of a young man we have been teaching for a long time had her birthday a few weeks ago. So we went by a few days before and built from cement blocks and cement. It was fun to put in practice the things we have learned helping out the different people in their houses. And it turned out usable, so that was good.

I am doing well. In this week I will reach the one year mark. I have learned and experienced so very much. Hard to remember and imagine how different things were one year ago. And I cannot imgaine how I will be one year from now.

My good friends and family keep me in your prayers. 

With love,
Elder Brighton


I had a student that went to Mexico over the Memorial day weekend and she took a couple packages down and mailed them for me.  Since Elder Brighton had mentioned that they hadn't been eating very much, I sent food along with some other things.  He's showing me he got it (-:  

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