Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear family and friends,

I am doing great and learning so much. I feel that I have really learned how to accept challenges as learning opportunities. I know that the experiences and trials that I am having now will be a great blessing in my life one day. What a great blessing to see challenges as learning opportunities.

My most impressive thought for this week is about poverty and self-sufficiency. Any person that has the honest desire to help someone leave poverty must realize that it does not come through a gifting or alms program. When we simply hand over any amount of money to another person we only temporarily satisfy a need that then grows because of the increased dependecy on that gifted money that develops. Really helping a person requires much more than that. 

If we have the desire to help someone overcome poverty or dependency it requires teaching and analysis. In reading the teachings of modern church leaders I found the idea that rang most true to my experiences that I have yet heard. The leader expressed that the idea is to lift and elevate the person to a level of self respect and self suficiency. In order to do that, they first need to feel secure, protected, and in a stable position. Providing first for their immediate needs of food, clothing, shelter, fuel, etc... Then moving in with determination and love to analyze their situation, resources, abilities, and plan to become entirely self sufficient. If we give without the intention to help them become self-sufficient, we fail in our plan. But likewise, it is nearly impossible to inspire and elevate someone with an empty stomach. 

I found that to be a beautiful combination of the natural compassionate instincts to eliminate suffering, while showing a greater comprehension for the ultimate goal and purpose.

I am learning a lot here, the least of which is not love and patience. 

I love you all and patiently wait for the time when we will be together again.

Elder Brighton

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