Dear Friends and Family,

This week I will rely on the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. Hopefully my family is able to upload a number of the pictures that I sent them this afternoon.(Look on the photo tab) This morning my companion and I went on a small hike to a nearby gully sort of thing. We greatly enjoyed the scenery and were able to watch as the sun came up over the valley. I hope you are able to enjoy the photos, even if they are not of the greatest quality.

Upon arriving at the sort of waterfall, we had our studies there in the open. We read together of a group of missionaries that likely walked these same sorts of terrain a couple thousand years ago, doing the same work that we are doing today. Their history is recorded in the Book of Mormon. They were the sons of a King, Mosiah, and they left everything behind to take the message of Jesus Christ to a people that they did not know. As the passage describes some of their difficulties and trials, it strengthens me to know that I am not the first to embark in this type of work. And as they eventually found comfort in the Lord and success in the work. I too am comforted and inspired. It was a meaningful morning and I hope that you are able to feel a part of it with me. For anyone interested, the story of those men can be found in Alma, chapter 17. It can be accessed easily from Just search in the search bar. Let me know what you think about them, their attitude toward the work, and the results that came of their sacrifice.

I am thinking especially of Alicia today and this week as she begins her mission, entering the training center Wednesday. In the future, once I know what it is, I can post a link to her blog so that anyone interested can read along with her experiences and adventures as well.(Link is on side bar) Although hers will undoubtedly be more exciting and of a higher quality, I ask that you continue to read along with mine as well.
Much love,
Elder Brighton