Monday, October 22, 2012

Dearest family and friends,

I love you all a lot and am doing quite well. Some moments incredibly difficult. When people you have come to love exercise their agency in a way that damages them and keeps them from coming unto Christ. If this mission were about me and my learning, my progess, my life, it would be perfect. I am learning a lot, growing and changing. I feel right now much like the ancient people who wrote the Book of Mormon. In one instance they write that they worry the people who will read their writings in the future (that would be us today) will mock them because of their weakness in writings. They talk about how they are gifted and strengthened to speak with power, touching the hearts of men, but that their writings are weak. That is how I feel.

It is vain to try to express here in these words how I feel precisely. How could one express the complexities of human emotion. But I know that I am not alone in this thing. Each of you have had experiences that stir and incite memories, feelings, and desires that you would not know how, or even want to express fully.

I encourage each person to take a few minute now to take a moment to ponder where they are. What dreams they have had in their life, and what things they hope yet to accomplish. Share those feelings with your Father in Heaven in prayer. Just talk to Him. Even if you have not before, or it has been a long time.

Though time is incredibly short today because we went downtown for a few hours, a lot of fun but quite a long time spent in travel, know that here I am. Still working, serving, forgetting myself, and loving. 

In conclusion I want to express my love for my family. I am realizing that I am only the product of the love that I was given all my life in my loving home. I would also like to ask all those that are able to look for ways to support my family in small and simple ways. Those good members of the church that live near us, my long time friends, extended family, and all those that read this. I know that the Lord often works through others and know that He will help and bless you as you reach out to others.

With greatest love,

Elder Brighton

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