Monday, December 3, 2012

Dearest Family and Friends,

I would love to share with all of you some great and unforgettable experiences that I was blessed to have this last week. This past weekend two people were baptized. A young adult named Francisco and a young man named Matías. Both are incredibly special and it has been a great process working and getting to know them both. But today I would like to share with you more about the young man Matías.

We met Matías a month ago or so one night in the home of his cousins. As we began talking to this young man of 14 years it became apparent that he was mature for his age, someone who thinks about more then what he sees. As we have gotten to know him I have been impressed by his patience, maturity, and ability and desire to learn and understand. In talking with his aunt and uncle we learned that he was born into and has grown up in a very difficult situation. He never knew or met his father, his mother has often not been present, and to be brief and simple, there have been moments of abandonment. And yet, I want you all to know that he is a young man full of love for his mother, for his grandmother, and for all people. He is quiet, but full of energy and happy to talk and share. As he has taken the time to learn and focus on his relationship that he has personally with his Father in Heaven, he has been able to develop a faith and assurance in himself and in his life.
We have been able to get to know Matías, and every time I interact with him I develop a greater love and respect for him. His baptism was a very special moment, and seeing him stand confidently with a smile on his face, knowing the things he has seen and heard in his life, I am filled with love for Jesus Christ for what he has done so that a person can really be cleansed from feelings of shame, guilt, confusion, and pain. All is possible through the love of Jesus Christ. I say that because that is what I have seen in my life, and that is what I have seen with Matías.
Then this morning we were able to stop by and get to know his mother, grandmother, and family more. As we began talking with his grandmother and mother they shared with us the changes they have seen in their son/grandson. They expressed their appreciation for the part we had played. I cannot describe how happy and content I felt this morning as I sat in their small room and we all talked and just shared a few moments together. The grandmother took some time to teach my companion and I how to mend our clothing. She taught us how to mend a simple tear, mend the cuff of the pants, and put a button back on. It was a great review from what I remember from my mother´s diligence over the years to teach me these things. The grandmother was surprised when I was able to quickly replicate what she demonstrated.
What an unforgettable moments. People quietly and simply expressing interest and love one for another. I felt very full this morning. And as we gathered to say a prayer before leaving, the mother asked that her son Matías offer it. When he finished, his mother once more was overjoyed and truly happy that her son has developed and is continuing to develop a relationship with his Father in Heaven, with God.
Well the work has its moments when you can pause and look what your meager efforts have done. We have been blessed this week to have several moments like that. See people who have overcome incredible things and are truly happy.

I send my love and my appreciation for your continued support and love.

Elder Brighton 

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