Monday, December 17, 2012

Dearest Family and Friends,

We have had another great week. In this Christmas time I would like to share a few brief thoughts. A few things that I know to be true.

Jesus Christ lives. He was born here on this earth, lived a perfect life, and because of Him we will live again. 

We will live again. There is a life after death. Taking the time to think and ponder on this reality changes everything. Knowing and believing truly that we have an eternity to look forward to means that this life is very important. To make an analogy, this life in many ways is the time one might take to carefully calibrate and aim a rifle before firing a shot. In our life we go about looking down the scope doing our best to line up the shot. It does not matter the amount of time we spent searching the mark, what matters is that when the moment finally comes, we are well aimed. Because when the trigger is pulled and the bullet sent, there is no going back. The small adjustments and preparations we made beforehand are what will determine where the bullet hits far down the trajectory. 

The difference in our life is that we do not have control of the trigger. No one knows when their own personal gun will go off. And so we do our best to first find the target, put everything in order and straight, and then maintain firm, never allowing the sighting to drift. Keeping our eyes fixed always on the target. And one day indeed, the gun will go off, and our trajectory at that moment is where we will find ourselves catapulted. And so in truth, this time of preparation is just that. Prepare for what comes next. Because I know that there is something more. And it is so much bigger, grander, and fuller than what we can experience here in this life. 

We each have a mission to fulfill, a family to raise, a community to strengthen. But we can never forget that we do it all with an eye fixed on the target. The goal of eternal life with our families and our Father who gave us life. That is the purpose of this life. If we were to ask ourselves, where is our scope pointed right now at this moment, if the trigger were pulled, where would the bullet find its end?

And so we must make those adjustments, big or small. Because even 1 degree off to begin with, 300 yards down the field (forgetting eternity as in fact our future is) we find ourselves far from our expected destination.

And so with all of this I mean to say that I love you, and that I know that your potential is great. Each one of you, my dear family and friends, have the ability to know the truth. To receive it, not from man, but from the very power and personage that made you. I encourage and implore you to consider the state of your relationship with your Father in Heaven, and if necessary to make the adjustments to be happy. Happy now, and tomorrow, and in 5 years, and in 50. Happy in eternity because you choose that which was good when there were so very many choices to be made.

I love you and thank you for your support and prayers.

Elder Brighton

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