Tuesday, April 23, 2013

These are some questions mom asked that I thought all might enjoy.
Funny you should ask about the sleeping this week. I have been sleeping well. Close to 8 hours each night. From the second my head hits the pillow until the alarm goes off. But this weekend an Elder had to head back to the USA (Dallas TX to be specific) to deal with some visa issues, so we have his companion here with us. So last night I slept on the floor, so not so well. But he should be getting back in the next couple days.
We have been doing well on the money. The trick is not buying things we do not need and being smart about how we spend the money. For example, if we buy what we need as we go day to day from the Little stores, good chance the money does not last. But buying at the beginning of the week for the whole week helps. Doing well, have not really lost any weight.
After several ups and downs and many learning experiences it seems we found a place to live this morning. It is a good place. One block from the highway. Here, the closer to the highway we are, the safer. The farther back into the neighborhood you get, the sketchier and darker it gets. It really is a nice house. Cozy.
We sing hymns to start each companion study and also to start most lessons. Other than that, I have been trying to sing more recently after hearing in the conference that `a singing child is a happy child`

I think two things I could have done better about are
1. Take note of the blessings I received for living the góspel. Specific blessings that came from specific obedience. That would involve writing down experiences in a journal that I could then refer to later to remember. But when we teach a principle or a commandment the very best part is when I am able to share my own personal testimony that the blessings are real and that I know if they will live the way God wants them to, they too can be blessed.
2. Practice teaching in every opportunity you get. In family home evenings, Sunday school classes, seminary, casual conversations. Practice putting myself in the shoes of others and imagine how they would be feeling, hearing something new and for the first time. What can I say to help them understand?
Just a thought.
Love you all,
Elder Brighton

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