Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today was a great day!

We share a porch area with our next door neighbor and we found out this week that he has a washer! And so this morning he let us borrow it. The three hours that we have been spending each week on washing our clothes each week was eliminated! We just throw it in there with the soap and it comes out clean. Almost something I had forgotten about. And he is going to let us use it each week, what a blessing!

Then, a family we are teaching has some land with a ton of fruit trees, We were able to go and pick lots of mangos, guayabanas, carambolas, and niches. Lots of fruit that I have come to love in my time here in Vallarta.

Things are going well here. Had a lot of really important moments this week. Divisons with several district leaders, meetings with the Stake Presidency, interviews with the President. Most of the week I was pretty sick, but got some medicine this weekend and am doing better now. 

Enjoying things and working hard. 

Elder Brighton

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