Monday, November 4, 2013

After studying, pondering, and considering the needs of this area and the personal goals and things I hope to accomplish I feel that my personal faith and confidence are growing. This week we were led to meet with the president of one of the large neighborhoods we work in almost daily. We were able to gain her trust and planned a service project for the community. It went well and we will now be working with them to improve community participation in similar future events. 

That experience is starting to broaden my vision of what we can accomplish. We are now working with the Stake, as they put themselves in contact with radio stations, city government, and communities to organize a largescale event that we will take part in. We have started searching out community governments to offer our service and begin to have a great presence here. We know that in giving service many hearts are softened to receive the message of the restoration. 

And so it is requiring a new level of ability and dedication, but we are dedicated now [to becoming] a presence in this city and we trust in the Lord to [rain] down his blessings for our meager efforts. We [don't] need to be content to simply walk the streets and be spectators to the suffering and disunity so prevalent. 

And so with prayers and action we will accomplish great things here. 

love and faith,
Elder Brighton

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