Saturday, November 30, 2013

This was a busy week with a lot of different things going on. 

At the very end of last week we had an Elder get very sick, and for a few hours thought we might lose him. He had serious complications following the surgery for appendicitis. For nearly a day he was in a state of coma, unconscious but reacting somewhat violently to physical stimuli. When he was brought back around, his short term memory was gone. For a day his memory would restart every 5 minutes or so and he would ask the same questions over and over. Where am I? Why am I here? What happened? That conversation was repeated over and over. As the days passed his ability to retain improved and the lapse grew longer and longer. Today, he is back at nearly 100%. It has been a miracle. They expected it to take approximately 3 to 4 months. And now, 7 days later he remembers everything and is growing bored of being here in the offices with us working on a large puzzle and solving the rubix cube. It has been a great learning, mind-opening, and maturing experience for me to see the reality of mortality, the weakness and impotency we have to even control our own body, and the complete power and control of our Heavenly Father.

Aside from that experience, we have been busy as always. As a consequence we could not travel far away for a couple of days and I had the chance to be in my own area a little bit more. It was nice to work with and meet the people here in the city of Guadalajara whom I will be working with for the next couple of months at the least.

Then, Thursday, I had the chance to travel to Colima (a little less than 3 hours) to work with Elder P. He was my very first companion when I reported to the MTC in June of last year. We were together for about 4 days at the beginning so it was special to be together again and see how much we have learned, experienced, and grown. If I had not been with him I think I would have completely forgotten it was Thanksgiving. We were able to take a few minutes as we walked the streets of Colima to share the many different things we are grateful for. Though there was no turkey this year, it was nice to be able to remember to give thanks for all we have been so graciously given.

I attached a few photos that I took on the way back. The bus we rode in was two stories and we got the seats on top in the very front. Aside from helping with any motion sickness, the view was beautiful. There in Colima is an active volcano. It is not dangerous (according to the people I talked to). Thursday it actually erupted and spewed out a large grey cloud of ash. Seems to happen pretty frequently. So the photos attached are of that volcano, and it is not snow, it is ash. There is also a photo of a bit of the country side we were passing.

I am doing well, learning lots, and working hard.

Lots of love,
Elder Brighton

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