Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dear family and friends,

It has been another great and crazy week. This week I had the privledge of going back to the area in Vallarta where I was before. I had a great day working and visiting many of the good people that I had taught while there. It was so gratifying to see that several families that had been on the verge of progressing well when I was called to leave are now doing great and making significant changes in their lives. 

Then for the first time I was left in my area to work with another Elder that came from Nayarit. So it was interesting to make my way through the city to the different appointments and try not to get lost. It was a success and we had several significant teaching opportunities. 

The week just finished up with the baptism of a young girl who is the granddaughter of a member here. It was a nice, simple, spiritual service. 

Also as a funny note, last week I sent a quick message to Rice asking about the process to be readmitted and what all would be involved. Since I had put everything in order before leaving and had gotten official permission, I figured it would be pretty simple. I just laughed today when I printed off the 13 page application/questionaire/explication. Who knows when I will find the time to get that all done... but all is well. I am confident that everything will go well. 

I am doing GREAT! I am having powerful experiences as I raise my voice, strive to put a good example, and work side by side with so many of the great Elders here in the mission. It is worth noting that Tuesday of this last week was my first chance to train all of the zone leaders of the mission in a mission counsel. I felt suprisingly calm and it went really well. Through kindness, sincerity, and directness we are gaining the confidence of the leaders and of the mission. We are working for, praying for, and expecting miracles and great changes. I am so grateful to be both a humble witness and active participant of all that is happening.

Love you all and hope we can all wear ourselves out each day, happily dedicating our time to those things that matter most to us. Finding joy in our labours. 

With love,
Elder Brighton

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