Monday, May 26, 2014

Dearest family and friends,

We have been blessed to have another excellent week. We are teaching a couple of different families that are progressing and yesterday we were able to put ourselves in touch again with someone we were afraid we would not see again. 

Last week I told a little about Alberto. As a quick update, he now has a full-time job, with fixed hours and a salary. That is something truly unimaginable looking at where he was literally just two weeks ago. He has been truly blessed, and so have we as we have seen his progress. He works on Sundays and so for the time being will not be able to attend church or progress in that way, but what he has accomplished thus far is of itself a miracle. 

Every day requires a true and renewed effort, but it is not hard when I get thinking about all those people waiting and wanting to know more. And so here we go, another week.

Lots of love,
Elder Brighton

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