Monday, June 2, 2014

Dearest family and friends,

A couple of scattered thoughts and brief experiences.

This week we were led to find a family very prepared to receive the message. Their oldest son was baptized just over a year ago and made big changes in his life. In fact, he has already sent of his papers to serve as a misisonary and is awaiting the response. But despite all that, his family had never had contact with the missionaries since he was no longer living in his home. And so this week as we walked by where they lived we were invited in and realized quickly just how prepared they were. In short, with one invitation they happily made arrangements and went to church for the first time. They enjoyed themselves and expressed their desire to keep attending. The most satisfying part is that the father is leading the effort and has a great desire to make changes in his life and help his other children improve as well.

This week we were also finally able to meet with a referral from the Stake President. He is a husband of a member and has been attending on and off for 15 years. In our meeting with him the spirit was strong and he committed to baptism. He will be baptized this Saturday and is well prepared for this sacred step. In getting to know him we found out that he has a degree in accounting and a PhD in law. He is the founder and director of a national magazine and the CEO of a consulting firm. As we met with him Sunday afternoon he invited us into his office to have the lesson there. It was not until we had almost finished that I took a moment to look at the plaques and recognitions covering the walls. And yet as we teach, he was very attent and asked many impressive questions. All about how to apply the things we were teaching in his own life. 

I am grateful for the chance I have had to serve the Lord. I know that I have truly been his authorized representative and have felt his guiding influence and divine protection time and time again.

I have a strong mix of emotions as the date approaches. Without doubt I am looking forward to being with my beloved family again and be able to share so much with them. I recognize how much of their help I will need, especially as I make the big adjustments. 

And as excited as I am to be together again with my family, I also feel a deep stirring in my heart when I think about the people here I have served and am serving and think that I will not be able to be there to help them and know the details and hardships of their lives. 

(Here I will insert a note. For everyone that I will see and be with soon, please be patient with me. I believe the sudden drop back into my home and culture will be equally drastic as it was when I arrived to Mexico. The difference being that I now know that it is unlikely I will ever return and be able to live as I have for the last two years. So if I look a little out of it for a while, just know that I will get around. And who knows, maybe it will not be as stark as I am thinking. But in any case, I thank you for your love, patience, and support).

And so with all the energy of our hearts we are going to give it another week of dedicated service. Thank you all for everything you have done.

All my love,
Elder Brighton

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