Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dearest family and friends,

As usual, no day is ever normal and so I wanted to write super fast to let everyone know that I am doing well and learning a lot.

This week was really crazy with the mission council and then divisions to the areas farthest away. It all went well and we are getting a good vision and handle for the current state of the mission and the attitude of the missionaries. 

I am loving being with Elder Umaña again. We have really good communication and that makes for much less stress. There is no feeling of competition. 

In short, life is great when you are a missionary preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

with love,
Elder Brighton

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  1. Can't help but love the "newsy" emails elders send...*Smiley Face*..short news is good news I guess! hope you are doing well too, Mom!