Saturday, January 25, 2014

Family and friends,

Wow! Another week, can you believe it?

First I want to share a really great experience. This week has been full of all kinds of different things and movements. We had the chance to meet with and teach lots of less active families, but the whole week we had been unable to teach any investigator. Yesterday night arrived and I felt a little sad that we had not had any lessons with investigators. As we looked at the schedule for today (Saturday) it was clear we were not going to have any time either. But we decided to put the goal of one lesson anyways. 

This morning we had the assignment from the Bishop to go and fill up the baptismal font for a service they would have at midday. So we went up a little before 9 am, cleaned up the font and rooms, and were filing it up when a man from maintanance walked in and asked if we were busy. A group of four university students had come to learn more about the church for a project. We had the great opportunity to sit down with them for a little over an hour and share the message of the restoration. It was a powerful and moving lesson. I think they got a whole lot more than what they were expecting. Since there was a member there working in the family history center and she was able to share her testimony and invite them to come back to use the free services there we were blessed with a lesson with member present. I am so grateful that the Lord is aware of the wants, needs, and goals of all of his humble children. It was a special experience for me to see that our simple act of faith in asking for the chance to teach one lesson was answered.

(Sometimes I think back on when Elder Umaña and I were together the first time and had 25-30 lessons every week. Times change, and responsablities as well. But this next week we will be in our area the whole week, so we have high expectations!)

Transfers are in one week and so it is a busy time for us getting ready to send off a group of missionaries as well as receive a good sized group as well. There are 9 more missionaries getting here than the ones that are leaving, and so that means we are going to open up at least 4 areas. Houses, furniture, appliances, rent, transportation, ... so many learning experiences. 

I am doing great. Time is flying, the nights are never long enough but I have a pretty good and constant exercise routine in the morning, so that is keeping the motor running!

with lots of love,
Elder Brighton

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