Saturday, January 4, 2014

Today was a busy day, and it is going to be a very busy weekend getting ready for the Mission Council this Tuesday. We have quite a few reports to put together and a lot of information to process.

Attached is a photo from the baptism that we had this evening. We just got back from the service. Alejandro and Dulce are two very special people and I am looking forward to staying in contact with them for a very long time. They quickly became comfortable with the ward and the members. The Bishop baptized them tonight. The service was great. It was so full we had to go to the chapel because we did not fit in the baptismal room. Many families from the ward attended along with the Bishop, the Stake President, and the Mission President. So it was a special night for all of us.

Love you all and hope it was an excellent week for everyone. Take care and enjoy these new and fresh days of this year.

With love,
Elder Brighton

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